About Songwriting

I was on vacation in ukraine and had really a lot of time to think. So I decided not wasting my time, but use it effectively. 🙂


Write with purpose
Our songs are heard even if we don’t know. So, our listeners realize our lyrics (not just the music), and our commitment should be, to write good lyrics. I mean that we should be careful with what we write and still be brave.
As a songwriter I write lyrics, of course 🙂 Even if there are most of them not „The best lyrics“, but I know that these are full of truth, encouragement and heart-filled words.
We need to write songs to know whether a song is good or not. Songs for practicing are great, are really great. We need to learn how lyrics and the music works and fits together, but remember: ask yourself: for which reason I write this song. Please don’t unterstand me wrong. I dont say: don’t write songs. I will describe it more later for understanding.

Find a title
It’s quite remotely the same topic like the above. It’s important to know what we writing about. Firstly think about the theme, or what you want to say. This is much easier for you later to write and finish the song and for the “audience” to find the path you want them to lead.

As a songwriter you are a leader
No matter if your songs are just heard of you or of a congregation about thousands or millions of people. You have to notice that you are telling people something through your songs and it takes influence, if you want or not. This is our responsability to ‘influence’ them on a good way!
If we sing our songs, we lead people in worship [in the presence of GOD]. When our own songs are “unstructured” or too much filled with many topics, it is quite difficult for people to react to the song(s) or worship.

The kind of main thing
I cant even say how the right way is, to write a song. We are individually and wonderfully made people and everyone writes on his own way. I cant say: only write the lyrics first and then music or vice versa. Or write the chorus first and then the verses. Many of us need inspiration like books, music, a good story, your life. 😉
And they’re all important, because their influences our thinking and our lifes. [Know what influences you!] Some have just to sit down and must concentrate on the songs or facing ideas. Others live their daily life and get interrupted and say: Oh sorry, wait a moment I have to write down a phrase in my notebook.
According to that: Buy a notebook (if you don’t already have one) where you collect all your ideas, songs and lyrics. Now @Home I have a bunch of papers lying somewhere before I had a notebook. It’s not really a productively way, later on to build a good song.
The most important thing is that we need to stay close in writing songs. Once Tim Hughes told, that Reuben Morgan invests
about 3 hours a day to improve his songwriting skills. It’s exemplary. 🙂

Find the right key
It sounds kind of weird, but it’s NOT. You decide the tension of the song. So, if the song is too low, it can looses tension.
If it is too high some people cannot sing with you.

For Now, I think it is finished. But it’s Not the end. 2nd part will follow. Stay close!

And Remember: It’s important to find GOOD inspiration. no matter where. Other music. books, …

be blessed

Song – Only You

All that I am, All that I am
is yours, is yours
My heart knows, My heart knows
you are my God

Only you, Only you can rescue me
Only you, Only you can save my life
I desire to worship
in spirit and truth

Draw me closer
next to you
I´m longing
I´m longing for you

I lay my life down at your feet
I lay my burdens at your feet
I give it all to you my Lord 
and use it for your glory

© 2010 Erich Bohl